MyPhone X12 Teased with 4GB RAM and 64GB Storage!

MyPhone has been fairly quiet as of late, but there’s reason to look forward to their next offering, especially if the price is right. The headline specs for the MyPhone X12 are 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage, along with a 6.26 inch HD+ teardrop display. And if the early teaser image is to be believed, it shouldn’t look half bad either, with what appears to be a gradient finish with a subtle implementation of MyPhone’s trademark map of the Philippines on the back.

Other details not mentioned but revealed by the teaser image are dual rear cameras, a single front camera within the teardrop notch, and a fingerprint scanner. Depending on how well this is priced and what chipset they decide to ship the X12 out with, MyPhone could have a real contender. How much do you guys think the MyPhone X12 will be priced? Find out soon as their slating this for a September release!

[Source: MyPhone]

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