It has certainly been a year for multiple camera setups, with many of today’s smartphones sporting either dual front or back cameras, or even both. Huawei even introduced a novel Leica-engineered triple camera setup on its P20i, which is widely recognized as the best camera phone today. However, if the newest leak is to be believed, Nokia may be taking their camera game to a whole other level with the Nokia 9.

If this isn’t a clever Photoshop job, then based on the image above, we can expect the Nokia 9 to sport a whopping 5 camera setup on the back. The arrangement is a weird one and includes an LED flash as well as another circular sensor. What that sensor is for is anyone’s guess, although it could be to help gauge distance so all 5 cameras can converge their focus points properly.

Traditionally, dual camera setups would use their second camera for depth information, mimicking the effect of a wide aperture on DSLRs. The Huawei P20i’s third camera was a telephoto lens and the Nokia 9 might replicate the same function on at least one of the other lenses, but what about the remaining two? Do any of you have any ideas? Share your guesses below!

[Source: ITHome]

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