O+ 8.37, O+ 8.36z and O+ 8.31z Revealed | Update: Pricing Corrected

O+ USA just revealed three new Android phones on their Facebook page earlier today in the form of the O+ 8.31z, O+ 8.36z and O+ 8.37. Confusing naming scheme aside, the three phones are all aimed toward the budget segment considering the specs are the typical entry level dual core affair. After a confusing bit with pricing, we’ve now learned that these phones are actually going for as low as Php2,999! Let’s check them out to see what all the hype’s about.

OPlus 8.31z

The O+ 8.31z is an entry-level 3.5 incher with a 1GHz dual core processor and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean out of the box. There’s no indication as to how much RAM and internal storage the 8.31z will come with, but at least it’s expandable up to 32GB via micro SD and even comes with a free 4GB card from SanDisk at a crazy-low price of Php2,9995.

OPlus 8.36z

The O+ 8.36z is another 3.5 incher and is practically the same phone as the O+ 3.31z. There is nothing in the specs to indicate that they are two different phones save for their respective names, although I suspect that it will probably have a better combination of RAM and internal storage. Likewise, it comes with a free 4GB card for just Php3,995.

OPlus 8.37

Finally, the O+ 8.37 is a proper 4 incher and comes with a 1.2GHz dual core processor. It comes with an 8GB card from SanDisk, rather than the 4GB card that comes with the O+ 8.31z and O+ 8.36z. Of the three, this one looks like the best value at Php4,995.

If you’re looking for a budget phone with all the benefits that Jelly Bean 4.2 has to offer, the O+ 8.31z, O+ 8.36z and O+ 8.37 are compelling options to choose from.

Source: O+ USA

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