SKK Mobile V2 to Arrive This September With Heart Rate Sensor (Holy Crap, Seriously?!)

It isn’t as if SKK Mobile hasn’t been promoting the V2 already, but holy crap, it has a heart rate monitor? Seriously?

SKK Mobile V2 Heart Rate

Heart rate sensors aren’t anything new on smartphones. It’s just that I never expected a phone from a budget brand to come with one is all. The SKK Mobile V2 comes with some pretty interesting details too. The power/lock button appears to be situated at the back along with the volume rocker, just like the LG G2. Hmmmmm…

SKK Mobile V2 LG G2

However, it kind of looks different from the first time that SKK Mobile V2. You may recall when they teased it looking like an iPhone. What gives?

SKK Mobile V2

Things are really getting interesting over at SKK Mobile. First they teased an iPhone-looking V2. Then they came out with an Oppo N1 lookalike. Now it’s a V2 that looks like the LG G2! I wonder what they’ll come up with next ~.~!

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