It doesn’t seem all that long ago that we were cautiously celebrating the start of 2021 and here we are almost halfway into it and it still feels like more of the same old. Frustrations aside, one thing to look forward to is the June 6 midyear sale that is more affectionately known as 6.6. And Cherry is promising up to 60% off from June 6 until June 8 on everything from smartphones, accessories, home essentials, and a whole host of other gadgets at both Lazada and Shopee! Check out the deals below!

Smartphone Deals

  • Cherry Mobile Flare S8 Plus (Php 5,199 from Php 12,990)
  • Cherry Mobile Flare S7 Lite (Php 2,066 from Php 3,299)
  • Cherry Mobile Omega Lite 3S (Php 1,666 from Php 2,599)

Mobile Accessories

  • Cherry Pulse Headphones (Php 266 from Php 280)
  • Cherry Pulse Sport Wireless Earphones (Php 266 from Php 280)
  • Cherry Nitro Port+ Adapter N20 (Php 366 from Php 380)
  • Cherry Nitro Port NP10 + Cherry Micro USB Cable Flat Braided FC10 (Php 274 from Php 340)
  • Cherry Type-C Cable Flat Braided FC20 (Php 166 from Php 180)
  • LoveMarie Powerbank 5,000mAh (Php 550 from Php 700)
  • LoveMarie Powerbank 10,000mAh (Php 850 from Php 1,100)
  • Cherry Ion LoveMarie Collection in Fleur (Php 3,700 from Php 4,000)
  • Cherry Ion Limited Edition (Php 2,999 from Php 3,700)
  • 2-in-1 Disinfecting Lamp with Powerbank (Php699 from Php 1,400)
  • Cherry x Secret Fresh Hoodie (Php 999 from Php 1,299)

Cherry x Deerma and Other Home Essentials

  • TWO Cherry Home Smart Multi-color Bulbs (Php 888 from Php 1,500)
  • Cherry x Deerma VC40 All-in-one Vacuum Cleaner (Php 6,999 from Php 10,490)
  • Cherry x Deerma Lint Remover (Php 1,066 from Php 1,490)
  • Cherry x Deerma Water Spray Mop (Php 699 from Php 890)
  • Cherry Portable Ozonator (Php 2,299 from Php 2,800)
  • Cherry x Deerma Travel Kettle (Php 1,066 from Php 1,490)
  • Cherry Ultrasonic UV Humidifier (Php 2,241 from Php 2,490)
  • Cherry Ionizer with Air Purifier and Humidifier (Php 3,500 from Php 4,000)
  • Cherry Home IR Transceiver (Php 720 from Php 900)

Some of my favorite deals include the Cherry Mobile Flare S8 Plus, which is the previous flagship and can still hold its own against some of the entry to midrange handsets that have already come out this year. There’s also the Cherry x Deerma VC40, which sees a huge discount on a really powerful handheld vacuum with 15,000 Pa of suction.

So which one are you guys eyeing? And why are you still here? Check the deals out here.



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