THL Monkey King 2 Will Pack 5 Inch Full HD Display and MediaTek Octo Core Processor

THL Monkey King 2
The original THL W11 Monkey King sported dual 13mp cameras

THL might not be a brand that resonates here in the Philippines, but they’re a popular ODM from China that has an established reputation for outing competitively-specced devices as affordable prices. Some of their phones are already being sold in the country through Novo7 Tech. The reason I mention THL is because one of their upcoming phones, the THL Monkey King 2, is expected to pack the much-discussed MediaTek octo core SoC.

What’s remarkable about the octo core MediaTek SoC is that it isn’t like Samsung’s octo core Exynos 5, which was really a 4×4 big.LITTLE implementation that only ever had a maximum of 4 cores operating at once, not 8. The MediaTek octo core offering will actually be the first true octore core chipset to market and is expected to bring more powerful performance to midrange devices like the ones we see on flagships from local brands.

While the THL Monkey King 2 won’t be the only phone launching internationally with MediaTek’s octo core SoC, it is arguably one of the most anticipated. No actual specs have been officially revealed yet, but it’s expected to rock a 5 inch Full HD screen and 13mp camera. Interested in this upcoming phone? Let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for more updates 🙂

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