Which Cherry Mobile Flare Y Series Smartphone is for You?

Among the handsets that were revealed late last year in Cherry Mobile’s Christmas catalog was the budget-minded Flare Y series. This lineup is geared toward first-time smartphone users, such as children starting school or your grandparents who’ve only used dumb-phones and alpha-numeric keypads. All of them are fairly affordable, run Android Oreo Go Edition, and sport similar specs (quad core processors, 1GB RAM, 8GB storage), so which should you go with?

Cherry Mobile Flare Y3 Mini

The Cherry Mobile Flare Y3 Mini is the smallest in the lineup, with a screen measuring just 4 inches across. It also comes with a basic 5MP rear and 2MP front camera setup. This is most ideal as your child’s first phone. Of course, this in no way meant to encourage smartphone addiction in a child, but they’re still going to need an inexpensive phone you can contact them with in case of emergencies, or even if you just miss them. Price? Php2,299

Cherry Mobile Flare Y3

The Cherry Mobile Flare Y3 is basically the Y3 Mini’s bigger brother. The main difference is that it comes with a larger 5 inch FWVGA screen, and better 8MP main camera. I’d recommend this for your grandparents, older parents or grade schoolers with larger hands. And it’s actually not a whole lot more expensive than the Flare Y3 Mini. Price? Php2,599

Cherry Mobile Flare Y6

Finally, there’s the Flare Y6, which comes with a 5.45 inch Trueview 18:9 screen. That’s wider than even the industry’s standard widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9. Who is this for though? I’d say it’s for the avid yet budget-minded movie buff with GBs worth of movies in their media library. The Flare Y6 supports up to 32GB micro SD cards, so you’ll be able to take quite a few movies with you on the go. It’s also a handsome looking phone for the price, so if you’re conscious about aesthetics as well, the Flare Y6 won’t disappoint. Price? Php2,999

Given the small price difference between the three, the Flare Y6 is the recommendation I’d make. What do you guys think though?

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