Xperia SL Revealed on Sony’s Website as Coming Soon

About a month ago, there had been a leak of the rumored Sony Xperia SL through the website of the Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. Now, that leak has been confirmed on Sony Mobile’s own website, which shows the Xperia SL as Coming Soon. Similar to the Xperia Arc and Arc S, the Xperia SL is simply a CPU refresh of the original Xperia S, bumping the speed from 1.5Ghz up to a 1.7Ghz Qualcomm MSM8260. All the other specs appear to remain the same from the Xperia S to the SL, so it looks like Sony is taking a rinse-repeat strategy of what they did with the Arc and Arc S.

When the original Xperia S came out, it was with a lot of criticism because at the time, quad core processors were expected to be the norm among flagship phones, not to mention that it didn’t launch with ICS out of the box. Still, it was a very solid phone, packing a speedy, albeit soon to be outdated CPU, as well as a 4.3″ HD screen, a 12.1Mp camera, and ICS out of the box. While it still doesn’t come with a quad core processor, those who are looking for an excellent media-centric flagship phone that fills in some of the gaps that the original Xperia S left behind should look forward to the speedier Xperia SL. Another thing to like about the SL? It will most certainly drive the price of the Xperia S in the next few weeks or months before the SL comes out.

No word on pricing and availability yet still it hasn’t been officially launched yet, but it will be available in more colors: black, white, gray and pink. For more information on specs and features, check out the official Sony Mobile website at the source link below.

Source: Sony Mobile and PhoneArena

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