Babble Messenger is an OTT Messaging Service That Can Send Self-destructing Messages!

Babble Messenger 1

When it comes to OTT messaging services, there is a lot to choose from. There’s Facebook Messenger, WeChat, KakaoTalk, and a whole lot more. However, the recently announced and Pinoy-developed Babble Messenger offers a lot of cool features that set it apart from the competition, including the ability to send messages that self-destruct after they’re read!

Babble Messenger 2

Secret Messaging: I’ll betcha there’s a lot of guys and girls that want to keep their stuff private. It’s incredibly easy to pick up someone else’s phone and start scrolling through their messages without their knowing it. Guess what — the same thing can actually happen to you. If you’ve got something to hide or just want to maintain private conversations with your friends and loved ones, Babble Messenger has a secret messaging function that lets you send self-destructing texts and photos. I can’t imagine the kind of stuff people will be sending through secret messaging, but that’s the whole point — it’s secret 🙂

Chatrooms: Another popular feature of Babble Messenger is the ability to set up chatrooms that are centered around certain interests. Are you into fashion or gaming? Create a chatroom about your interests or join one that’s already discussing it. You can meet and greet people of the same interests, even if they’re not in your contacts!

Group Messaging: This should be a staple of any OTT messaging service, and thankfully, Babble doesn’t skip over it. You can create a group and add all of your friends so you can just communicate within the group chatroom.

Stickers: This is another staple of OTT messaging services, although what I like about Babble is that they have their own Pinoy-themed stickers. Being a Pinoy-developed app, Babble has some Pinoy-themed stickers you can spice up your messages with. And their graphic artists are hard at work to create even more! Of course, it doesn’t have to be all about the Philippines as there will be stickers themed around other things as well.

It’s important to note that Babble is an OTT messenger first and foremost, so any features you expect from the likes of Facebook Messenger and Kakaotalk are most likely on Babble in some form or fashion as well.

I should also mention that Babble Messenger was developed by Voyager Innovation, which just so happens to be owned by Smart. So Smart users can use Babble to send free texts and multimedia to their friends and loved ones through the internet without being charged for data! Itching to start trying out that secret messaging feature ;)?

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