Cherry Mobile Flare Jelly Bean Update in the Works

This next bit of news is sure to make a lot of Flarenatics out there happy. Cherry Mobile posted a bit of a teaser yesterday on their Facebook fan page. To be honest, it’s not exactly hard to figure out that the local phone brand is in the process of getting a Cherry Mobile Flare Jelly Bean update out there, but do take a look below and be the judge.

Cherry Mobile Flare Jelly Bean Update Teaser

In case any of you weren’t already aware, the Flare currently comes with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box. While ICS is perfectly serviceable and is a huge update over Gingerbread 2.3, Jelly Bean 4.1 offers a lot of refinements that make the user experience that much better. One of my favorite features of Jelly Bean is the expanded notifications. These richer notifications make it easier to preview an app notification and decide whether or not it’s worth opening.

Jelly Bean Notifications
Image courtesy of DroidLife

There’s also Google Now, which intuitively serves you information that you might need without having to request for it. Then there’s offline voice typing, which I enjoy using from time to time. ICS actually had voice typing, but had to be connected to the internet to do it. Finally, there’s Project Butter, which isn’t really a feature in itself, but rather, a bunch of software optimizations that make interacting with the phone faster and more fluid. These are just a few of the most interesting features to look forward to when the Cherry Mobile Flare Jelly Bean comes around, but there are plenty more to discover.

One concern about Jelly Bean though is that it won’t work well on just 512Mb of RAM. Actually, that’s the same thing they said about Ice Cream Sandwich, but look at how that turned out. To be honest, it’s just a myth. I’ve been to a couple of events that had devices with a single core processor and 512Mb of RAM running Jelly Bean 4.1 and they handled just fine. Devices running ROMs like TouchWiz and Sense might have problems since the extra UI overlay eats up much more RAM, but an otherwise vanilla version of Jelly Bean 4.1 doesn’t use it up significantly more over ICS. The Galaxy Nexus S (not to be confused with the Galaxy Nexus) only has 512Mb of RAM and runs it just fine. So did all of the Alcatel devices withย 512Mb RAM that I covered for NoypiGeeks a few days ago.

Cherry Mobile Flare S100

Anyway, enough of that. No word yet on when the Cherry Mobile Flare Jelly Bean update will become available, bit when it does, expect it to only be initially available through authorized service centers, followed by an OTA at least a month after. After being stuck on ICS for a while, I must say that Jelly Bean is a much-improved experience. So what do you guys think?

Source: Cherry Mobile / Jelly Bean Notifications image courtesy of DroidLife

11 thoughts on “Cherry Mobile Flare Jelly Bean Update in the Works

      1. kapag my update na JB c flare pwede po bang iupdate na agad ung stock flare ko sir?V0000022 palang kc diko pa inupdate sa latest update na nilabas na ng Cherry M.,gusto ko kpag inupdate ko na e sa padating ng Jellybean?pwede po ba un na jelly bean na agad, pass ko na ung v032 ba un?tanx sir

        1. pwede po iyon, c JB ay isang OS and I know you know it, kea may sarili siyang updated softwares.. ung OS mismo ang hindi update kasi 4.2.2 ang updated 4.1.2 lang ang ilalabas ng cherry.. pero it’s okay because it’s either updated or iuupdate ng kusa via WiFi

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