Introducing the Ultimate Security: GCash DoubleSafe Face ID

Introducing the Ultimate Security: GCash DoubleSafe Face ID

GCash is undeniably the country’s most popular finance app, which is why their new DoubleSafe Face ID feature comes at an important time. This groundbreaking advancement rolled out on May 10, 2023 and is a game-changer for all verified users. It’s more than just a shield –it’s a fortress against the craftiest fraudsters.

Picture this: DoubleSafe employs cutting-edge face recognition technology that ensures only the rightful account owner gains access. Even if sensitive info like your mobile personal ID (MPIN) and one-time pin (OTP) slip out, worry not. The system demands a facial scan from any new device – your account stays locked up like Fort Knox.

But that’s not all – DoubleSafe goes beyond with a user liveness check, beating static photos at their own game. Seamless and integrated within the app, it’s accessible to all, no fancy devices required.

Pebbles Sy, Chief Tech and Ops mastermind at GCash, reaffirms the commitment to safeguard your accounts and hard-earned funds. This isn’t just security; it’s empowerment.

GCash doesn’t stop there. They’re warriors against fraud, blocking 3.1 million suspicious accounts, dismantling 722 phishing sites, and nixing 38,000 malicious posts. They’re allies with the Philippine National Police Anti-Cybercrime Group, the National Bureau of Investigation, and the Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center in the battle against fraudsters.

The #GSafeTayo campaign isn’t just a hashtag – it’s your guide to outsmarting scams. Remember, GCash will never ask for your sensitive info through personal messages. Stay alert, stick to the app, and report any shady activity to the official GCash Help Center.

Embrace the DoubleSafe Face ID – it’s not just a feature; it’s your digital shield against the unknown. Trust in GCash to keep you secure while you conquer the online world with confidence.

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