HTC One X+ Will Not Receive Any Further Updates

Are you a proud owner of an HTC One X+? Well, you might not want to read this next bit of news. Apparently, HTC UK has confirmed that the once proud flagship will not be receiving any further updates and will remain on its current version. It all happened thanks to a hopeful tweet from David O’Rourke to HTC UK asking if his HTC One X+ would be updated to KitKat.

HTC One X+ Tweet

Unfortunately, HTC UK used a poor choice of words to confirm rumors that the One X+ KitKat update was not to be. The resulting online backlash has been quite merciless and HTC already has a shoddy record when it comes to updates. At least there’s still hope that you can wait for enterprising individuals to find a way to get KitKat on your HTC One X+. Or you could sell it and get a Nexus 5 😛

Via: Android Community

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