MyPhone Jelly Bean

MyPhone Jelly Bean Phone in the Works?

Earlier in the week, MyPhone, one of the top local phone brands, released an interesting new promo graphic on their Facebook fan page that teased of a possible Jelly Bean Phone. To be frank, it’s about time that this MyPhone Jelly Bean phone becomes reality. Their last major release was the (admittedly solid) MyPhone A888 Duo and there are at least two or three other local brands that have already beaten them to market with their own Philippine Jelly Bean phones.

MyPhone A888 Duo Profile Shot
MyPhone A888 Duo


Still, there is no guarantee that MyPhone is about to release a Jelly Bean phone, as it might actually just be an update to one of their existing phones. Of course, that hasn’t stopped rumors from running rampant and MyPhone fans have already speculated on possible OEMs that the local phone brand might rebrand. So what do you guys think? Any ideas as to what OEM they will eventually import and release to the market?

Source: MyPhone Facebook Page





3 responses to “MyPhone Jelly Bean Phone in the Works?”

  1. NoypiGeeks Avatar

    Actually, Jelly Bean na ang MyPhone A888 dude. 😀

    1. Jm Balicano Avatar

      Iniisip ko nga kung counted si A888 eh -_-. Gusto ko ng new release! Arte lang, hehe.

      1. NoypiGeeks Avatar

        Testing din daw ata yung A919. Meron yan this month . 😀

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