The local tech blogs have been abuzz with Cherry Mobile’s newest addition to their Android tablet lineup. Rumors had been swirling that the local phone brand would be launching a new quad core device, possibly the Novo Venus, and those rumors were proven at least partially true at the event I attended yesterday on behalf of NoypiGeeks. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt.

Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt

The Fusion Bolt is a  inch quad core Jelly Bean 4.1.1 tablet that makes use of the Actions ATM7025 CPU. After a bit of research, the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt is not a rebranded Novo Venus as everyone was expecting it to be, but the Novo Venus Lite. The Venus runs at 1.5GHz while the Venus Lite only runs at 1GHz. Everything else spec-wise between the two is the same, such as the 1280 x800 IPS display, 1Gb RAM, 8Gb ROM, and primary and secondary cameras (2mp rear, VGA front).

Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt Manga Reader

I’ve only spent close to a full day with the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt and I must say that I’m loving it. Gaming performance on the more system-intensive games isn’t as smooth as I’d like it to be, but it’s great for reading ebooks, watching videos and browsing the web. I especially love it for reading manga, and I immediately downloaded the Manga Searcher app off of the Google Play Store and started reading Genshiken 🙂

Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt Box Contents

Overall, the Fusion Bolt is a real steal at Php3,999. It’s a great mix of solid specs at an ultra-affordable price point that even the imported Chinese tabs will have trouble competing with. While Cherry Mobile says they are prepared for what will be very high demand for this affordable Android tablet once they release it this March, I anticipate there will still be some supply issues similar to what the public experienced with the Flare. So what do you guys think? Are you going to get yourself a new tablet this March? You can also check out my Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt Hands On Preview over at NoypiGeeks if you still need help deciding.

Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt IPS Display  Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt Display Close Up

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