The Cherry Mobile Superion Endeavor Has a 7″ HD Screen and 3G Connectivity! [Update: New Pics!]

Cherry Mobile Superion Endeavor

For the longest time, the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt has been my preferred budget tablet of choice. Why? Because it came with a 7 inch HD IPS screen at a ridiculously low Php3,999 price point at the time. However, it was far from a complete tablet. The quad core processor was painfully slow and it didn’t have Bluetooth or 3G connectivity. Enter the Cherry Mobile Superion Endeavor, which was recently revealed on a newly released product brochure.

The Cherry Mobile Superion Endeavor comes with similar specs as the Fusion Bolt. It too has a 7 inch HD IPS screen, quad core processor and 1GB RAM. However, it also addresses the Fusion Bolt’s shortcomings and comes with Bluetooth 4.0 and a 3G radio that allows you to browse the internet without having to be tethered to a WiFi hotspot. Unfortunately, the Superion Endeavor only comes with 4GB ROM. Thankfully, it can be expanded via micro SD.

Of course, there’s already the Superion Core, which comes with the same features. However, the Superion Endeavor edges it out because it also has better cameras. There’s an 8mp on the back and a 2mp shooter in front. The Superion Core only has a 5mp/2mp setup.

Thinking of grabbing one for yourself? The Cherry Mobile Superion Endeavor has only just been spotted on a recent product brochure, but it hasn’t officially hit retailer shelves just yet so you’ll have to wait for an official announcement from the Cherry Mobile Facebook page.

[Update 4/30/2014:]

Cherry Mobile Superion Endeavor Body

Cherry Mobile has just given us a new look at their all new tablet, the Superion Endeavor. The new image, posted on their Facebook page, shows us the Samsung-inspired camera module, as well as the various slots and ports for the micro SD card, SIMs, micro USB port and 3.5mm jack.

There’s also a hidden recovery button on the side that lets you reboot the device in case the Superion Endeavor freezes. Normally, you would remove the battery and reinsert it to resolve such an issue, but since the Superion Endeavor has a non-removable battery, the recovery button remedies the dilemma troubleshooting a frozen device.

At Php5,499, the Cherry Mobile Superion Endeavor is looking like an attractive device, especially since it comes with an HD screen and 3G connectivity.

5 thoughts on “The Cherry Mobile Superion Endeavor Has a 7″ HD Screen and 3G Connectivity! [Update: New Pics!]

  1. CHECK THE DISPLAY FOR *** BACKLIGHT BLEED ***! This is the common and most notable defect of Cherry Mobile Superion Endeavor.

  2. How to reset it? My tablet(Superion Endeavor) that I buy last 2 weeks is now restarting every time I open an application and now I cannot open it anymore. It will just stock on ANDROID -_-

  3. hi! i had my endeavor for about five months..i dont frequently use it which lead me to forgot my pattern code..i cant open it anymore..can u help me pls..ty!

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