Cherry Mobile Superion Scope LTE: The First and Most Affordable Local LTE Tablet

Cherry Mobile Superion Scope LTE

Earlier today, pioneer local phone brand Cherry Mobile partnered with chip maker Qualcomm to launch the Superion Scope LTE, the first ever LTE tablet from a local brand. It features lightning-fast connectivity while  staying affordable enough to be within within reach of the average pinoy consumer.

Cherry Mobile Superion Scope LTE Specs

* 8″ XGA IPS screen (1024 x 768 resolution)
* 1.2GHz quad core Qualcomm MSM8926 processor
* Adreno 305 GPU
* Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
* 4G LTE 1800
* WiFi b/g/n
* Bluetooth 4.0
* GPS with A-GPS
* 4,000mAh battery
* Price: TBA

More specs to follow

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