Cloudfone Cloudpad Epic 8.0: A Note-taking Student’s Dream

Cloudfone Cloudpad Epic 8.0

For a while now, it seemed like Cherry Mobile was the only local brand concerned with bringing ultra-affordable Windows tablets to the Philippine market. Fast forward a few months and our options are starting to pick up, with the most recent one coming in the form of the Cloudfone Cloudpad Epic 8.0. While it’s like most local Windows tablet offerings, the Cloudpad Epic 8.0 also happens to have a neat trick up its sleeve. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves though.

First things first. The Cloudpad Epic 8.0 sports an 8 inch WXGA (1280 x 800 resolution) IPS display and is powered by a 1.8GHz quad core processor. You’re also getting 1GB and 16GB of storage, which can thankfully be expanded via a micro SD card. There’s also a couple of 2mp cameras (front and back), not to mention WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Of course, the cool trick is that it comes with its own Smart Pen that will allow you to ditch your notepad and still take notes the old-fashioned way — assuming that’s the way you like to do things. However, if you still prefer to type an a trusty keyboard, Cloudfone still has your back as the Cloudpad Epic 8.0 comes with a Bluetooth keyboard for that purpose.

If there’s anything that turns me off about the Cloudfone Cloudpad Epic 8.0, it’s the price. At Php9,999, it’s a tad expensive versus a couple of options out there that offer the same or better specs but at the same or even lower pricing. However, since you don’t have to buy a separate keyboard after the purchase, it’s still a pretty good deal. You also get note-taking abilities thanks to the smart pen, so I still think it’s a great option to consider.

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