One thing I definitely hate about many mobile devices like tablets and smartphones is battery life. They rarely last long enough! This is why the LG Tab Book Duo is worth taking a look at. It’s a 10 inch tablet that runs full Windows 8.1 with 11 hours of battery life! Paired with a removable keyboard and you’re basically getting a portable productivity device that can last an entire work day!

The LG Tab Book Duo is reported to run on a quad core processor, although LG has yet to reveal which one. With that kind of battery life and based on experience, it’s probably an Intel processor, although it would be best to wait for an official announcement to be absolutely sure.

Also, the LG Tab Book Duo was only announced for South Korea for now, so we won’t be seeing this thing internationally any time soon. The price is reported to be around $670, or roughly Php30K, and it will only go up if it eventually does get here. Still, I’d love to spend an entire work day at my favorite coffee shop with this thing. Just me, my coffee and the LG Tab Book Duo 🙂


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