Pipo T9 Front

While octa core phones are already picking up steam, there has yet to be an octa core tablet. That could change pretty soon and the Pipo T9 just might be the first such tablet to market. What’s more is that rather than going for a tablet-specific processor, it will be powered by the MediaTek MT6592, which means the Pipo T9 will get 3.75G/HSPA+ connectivity on top of the typical WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS.

Pipo T9 Back

The rest of the specs are impressive although nothing groundbreaking. The Pipo T9 will have an 8.9 inch Full HD 1920 x 1200 display, 13mp rear-facing camera, and 5mp front camera. No news yet on how much RAM or internal storage it will have, but it will take a while for our small time importers to start selling the Pipo T9 in Greenhills and Divisoria anyway.

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