Allwinner A33 Chipsets Cost Just $5 and Could Power Future Local Tablets

While it was the newly announced A80T that made waves in recent news, Allwinner has another chipset worth caring about. The Allwinner A33 is equipped with a Cortex A7 quad core processor and Mali 400 MP2 GPU, allowing it to go head to head with most entry to mid-range devices. However, what’s so exciting about it is that Allwinner will be making these available at just $5 a pop, or roughly Php200.

Allwinner A33 Quad Core


No doubt we’ll be seeing these in a lot of upcoming tablets from budget Chinese ODMs, and by extension, on future local tablets. With a production cost of just $40-50, it wouldn’t be impossible to see quad core HD tablets selling here for around Php3k-4k! My bet is around 6 months. How about yours?


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