BPI Issues Official Statement After Phantom Deductions Reported Nationwide

If you’re a BPI savings account holder, there’s a good chance you had a rude awakening earlier this morning. Numerous customers have reported seeing their accounts debited thousands of pesos despite not making any transactions. Even those with minimal balances too small to withdraw still got debited to the point where accounts reflected negative balances.

No doubt this has caused a lot of panic among BPI customers. The bank, known as one of the top financial institutions in the country has already issued an official statement:

Due to an internal data processing error, some clients may have seen their accounts debited twice or credited twice for a past transaction. We are currently correcting the mispostings.

We apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused.

Beyond this, BPI has kept mum about the steps they’re taking and customers trying to check their accounts online will be dismayed to find that online banking has been disabled, at least temporarily while the bank handles the situation. As of writing though, it is still possible to check your balance via ATMs.

[Source: BPI]

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