Check Out the Latest Samsung Galaxy S4 Leak | Update: No It Isn’t

Curious as to what Samsung’s next Galaxy flagship device is going to look like? Can’t wait until the official reveal on March 14? Well @evleaks, a habitual leak source on Twitter, has come out with the latest Samsung Galaxy S4 leak for you to ogle. Check it out below.

Samsung Galaxy S4 EVLeakIf this image is to be believed, that means the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 will sport a design that is reminiscent of the original Galaxy Note sans the physical home buttons. There doesn’t appear to be any space for capacitive buttons either so everything will probably be onscreen.

Aside from the design, this latest leak also gives us an idea of what the basic spec configuration will look like. The display will be a Super AMOLED Full HD screen, most likely a 5 incher, although it isn’t specified. Storage options are consistent with what we’ve been hearing lately at 16Gb, 32Gb and 64Gb options coming out, although that 64Gb might be a bit of overkill if Samsung decides to include a micro SD slot as it has in the past. Finally, there’s the 13mp autofocus camera, which brings it up to par with other upcoming flagships.

To be honest, it’s hard for me to put any faith in this leak. There’s too much of a departure from the design principles of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the direction it was taking. It just seems more like a step back than it is a step forward. Also, the render looks more than just a bit amateurish to be honest. Here’s another image from @evleaks, this time allowing you to compare across all the different generations of the Galaxy S devices.

Samsugn Galaxy S4 EVLeak

Despite my skepticism, these images do come from a source that has proven to be quite reliable in the past, so believe it if you want to. As for me, I’ll be eagerly awaiting the March 14 launch event glued at my PC until then.

Update: It turns out the leaked photo is actually a placeholder from Expansys, a UK-based online retailer. They’ve been pretty active on Twitter following all the retweets in an effort to point people to the correct source of the image. This looks to be a great publicity opportunity for Expansys while @evleaks’ reputation has taken a hit as being a typically reliable leak source.

Via: TalkAndroid

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