Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Cherry Mobile Dragon Phone 2.0 to be Unveiled Soon?|Update: It’s Just the Hyper

Well that didn’t take long. Shortly after their rival’s new flagship was leaked, it seems Cherry Mobile has responded with something else to get all excited about. Today they unveiled a new teaser graphic on their official Facebook fan page for what could be the Dragon Phone 2 or 2.0. Check it out below.

Cherry Mobile Dragon Phone 2 Teaser Graphic

Aside from this teaser graphic, Cherry Mobile didn’t post any more details, but based on past naming schemes, we can speculate that this might be a follow up to the old W900 Dragon phone, hence, my guess at the possibility of this becoming the Dragon Phone 2.0 in accordance with their recent naming scheme for sequels. The W900 took its nickname from its Qualcomm Snapdragon S2 processor, so we can also conjecture that the new phone, whatever it’s going to be called, will likewise sport a chipset from Qualcomm’s stables, probably the same quad core MSM8225Q CPU and Adreno 203 GPU that’s on the Flame 2.0. Of course, there’s also the possibility that the Dragon refers to it maybe sporting a Dragon Trail Glass for its screen, but I doubt it.

That’s all I can think about now. Do you guys have any guesses as to what the specs might be, or if it will even be called the Dragon Phone 2 at all? Don’t be shy about sharing your thoughts 🙂

Update: Looks like it’s just the Cherry Mobile Hyper. If you guys will remember, there was a leaked flyer of the Cherry Mobile Fiesta Sale that was making the rounds a few days before the sale actually went live. One of the new phones revealed on that flyer was the Hyper. Now, the Hyper at least has its own promo graphic since the phone was never officially launched. Check out the Hyper’s promo graphic below.

Cherry Mobile Hyper Official Promo Graphic

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