Cherry Mobile Omega Spectrum to be Equipped with Broadcom 23550 Processor

Within the last week or so, we’ve seen quite a slew of upcoming Cherry Mobile devices revealed thanks to a promotional flier that’s been circulating the internet. Among them is the Cherry Mobile Omega Spectrum. Some of the specs have already been revealed via the flier, but the specific processor has been a mystery, at least until now.

Cherry Mobile Omega Spectrum Official

Cherry Mobile has officially announced the Omega Spectrum via a promotional graphic on their Facebook page. On it, we find that the 1.2GHz quad core processor that powers the Omega Spectrum is the Broadcom 23550, which is about equal in performance to MediaTek’s MT6589.

Considering the performance, the MyPhone Rio has the edge on paper. Broadcom 23550-powered phones typically score around 13k on Antutu while MT6582 phones like the Rio can score in the 16-17k range. However with a lot of feedback (including my own) about the uncharacteristic lag of the Rio, the Omega Spectrum might actually have the edge here, performance-wise.

It remains to be seen whether the Omega Spectrum can perform better than the Rio, which it is so often being compared to. You can actually find out for yourself since the Cherry Mobile Omega Spectrum is now officially available 🙂

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