Cherry Prepaid just unveiled a bunch of new promos that cover a mix of calls, texts, and data. And it’s safe to say you’re getting the best bang-for-the-buck value with all of these plans when you compare them with other telco’s offerings.

Tri-Net Call and Text Promos

Tri-Net promos allow you to either call or text Cherry Prepaid, Globe, and TM users for as little as Php5!

TRITXT5Php5All-day texting to Cherry Prepaid, Globe, and TM1 day
TRICALL10Php10All-day calling to Cherry Prepaid, Globe, and TM1 day
TRITALK5Php530 minutes of calls to Cherry Prepaid, Globe, and TM7 days
TRITALK10Php1060 minutes of calls to Cherry Prepaid, Globe, and TM15 days

Text Promos

Their text promos are pretty affordable, and give you unlimited texts to all networks!

CMANET10Php10Unlimited texts to all networks1 day
CMANET70Php70Unlimited texts to all networks7 days

Call Promos

There’s only one actual call promo, although it’s good for all networks for a day.

CMTALK30Php3010 minutes of calls to all networks1 day

Data Promos

Personally, these are the promos I’d take advantage the most of. You can get 1.2GB for just Php99 over 30 days!

CMSURF10Php10100MB of data1 day
CMSURF20Php20200MB of data7 days
CMSURF50Php50700MB of data15 days
CMSURF99Php991.2GB of data30 days
CMSURF199Php1992GB of data60 days
CMSURF299Php2993GB of data60 days
CMSURF399Php3994GB of data60 days
CMSURF499Php4996GB of data60 days

Combo Promos

The combo promos are appealing, but you can only take full advantage of them of you regularly contact other Cherry Prepaid users.

CMUNLI15Php15Unlimited calls and texts to Cherry Prepaid1 day
All day chat
Free Facebook
CMUNLI50Php50Unlimited calls and texts to Cherry Prepaid3 days
10 texts to other networks
All day chat
Free Facebook
CMUNLI100Php100Unlimited calls and texts to Cherry Prepaid7 days
20 texts to other networks
All day chat
Free Facebook
CMUNLI199Php199Unlimited texts to Cherry Prepaid30 days
300 minutes of calls to Cherry Prepaid
100 texts to other networks
50MB of data
All day chat

My favorite promo of the bunch is CMSURF99 because it gives you enough data for light-medium browsing for just Php99. Which one’s yours?


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