New Lineup of LG 4K OLED TVs Will Make You Drool

When it comes to TVs, few make them better than LG. So it was pretty awesome that I got the opportunity to preview a couple of upcoming Ultra High Definition models that are slated to enter the Philippine market in November. Of course, these aren’t your ordinary UHD TVs — if you can even to begin to call these kinds of TVs ordinary.


While there are already a few 4K Ultra High Definition TVs in the market, LG’s upcoming 4K OLED TVs for November are something to look forward to. Unlike other display technologies, OLED is capable of displaying perfect black, resulting in theoretically infinite contrast. LG went ahead and married this technology with their 4K TVs, resulting in picture quality and larger than life color reproduction that’s better than anything LCD and LED TVs can deliver.

Wide Viewing Angle

The new lineup also features curved displays, which just so happens to be perfect for OLEDs. Unlike LCDs and LEDs, finding a sweet spot doesn’t matter as much thanks to the wider viewing angles. Of course, the best spot will always be front and center, but even if you view it from off-center, there isn’t a noticeable shift in contrast and the image quality remains unchanged.


A favorite feature of mine is that the new 4K OLED TVs can upscale the quality of your video. This becomes particularly helpful even if you’re subscribed to HD programming, since even HD videos can look blurry when stretched out across 65 inches of screen.

Screen Share Feature

Another feature I like is screen share, which takes advantage of your smartphones ability to share multimedia wirelessly between devices. If you’ve got a phone that is Miracast or WiFi Direct-capable, you can do things like screen mirroring (showing your smartphone’s screen on your TV), or play media from your phone on the TV.

Clash of Clans

Yes, Clash of Clans on a 65 inch screen is overkill. I don’t care. It was awesome.


LG’s 4K OLED TVs run the new webOS 2.0 UI, allowing for user-friendly interaction with the TV. Compared to other Smart TVs, webOS 2.0 is easily more intuitive, allowing you to control the TV’s functionality more effectively so you can get back to enjoying your viewing experience. The webOS 2.0 interface works particularly well with LG’s magic remote.


Of course, this is a Smart TV we’re talking about, so it has the ability to download and run webOS apps. Here’s a game that can be played with the remote in case you need to keep your kids occupied while you do something around the house.

I WantTV App

I know my wife would love this app since she already uses it on her iPad to keep up with Pangako Sayo.


The new LG 4K OLED TVs come in 65 and 55-inch flavors, with the 65-inch variant coming equipped with premium Harman/Kardon speakers that are so good, you won’t even need a home theater speaker setup. Unfortunately, you’ll still have to wait until November for these beauties.

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