LG G Pad Official Render Leaks, Looks Like a Blown Up LG G2

LG G Pad

It was reported earlier this month that LG will be reentering the tablet market with the LG G Pad. We managed to get some leaked news about the specs, but now we have what seems to be official renders of the LG G Pad side by side with the LG G2. If this new leaked image is to be trusted, it would seem that LG wants to unify the look between the devices, much in the same way that Samsung has done it with their Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets.

It isn’t that big of a deal, except that the LG G Pad really does look like an overblown phone. It employs a similar design language, with minimal horizontal bezels and the same slight curve along the top and bottom of both devices. The placement of the sensors and LG branding might be different, but there’s no mistaking they’re not from the premium line of Android-powered “G” devices.

The LG G Pad is expected to make its debut at next week’s IFA and if the leaks are accurate, should sport an 8.3 inch Full HD display and 2GB RAM, but that’s about the only thing we’re sure of. Other leaks are conflicting, with some saying that the processor might be either a Snapdragon 600 or 800, and that the LG G Pad could launch with either Android 4.2 or 4.3. Nothing is set in stone yet, but at least we’re sure that LG has a tablet in the works based on this video teaser.

Think that LG might be successful this time around after failing miserably about two years ago?

Via: Android Community

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