MyPhone Vortex Being Teased on Facebook for an Imminent Launch?

It wasn’t too long ago that a leaked image of an upcoming MyPhone device started circulating on Facebook. The image was just of the side of the device, but even just that bore a lot of resemblance to the Micromax Canvas 4, an Indian phone brand that is pretty much our local brands that licenses Chinese OEM devices for resale in their respective countries. It shouldn’t even come as a surprise that the new MyPhone device bears resemblance to a Micromax phone since both phone brands like to license devices from the same Chinese OEM: Tinno. Now, it seems that MyPhone is coming out with its first official teasers and there’s plenty of reason to believe that it will launch by the name MyPhone Vortex.

MyPhone Vortex Official Teaser

The new MyPhone Vortex teaser doesn’t exactly reveal that much about the device. In fact, it doesn’t even refer to it as the MyPhone Vortex at all, but that’s what folks have been calling it by among the MyPhone user groups on Facebook so that’s what I’m calling it for now. Still, some of these user groups have folks that are in close contact with key peeps inside MyPhone, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually did go by the name MyPhone Vortex at launch.┬áThe only new information that we’ve managed to learn is that the Vortex will sport an aluminum frame like its bigger sibling, the MyPhone Iceberg. It will also feature a brushed metal back cover for a really premium feel.

MyPhone Canvas 4 Comparison
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However while little has been revealed, we now have a much better look than ever before at the side of the device. And when compared between the leaked MyPhone Vortex image from a few days back and the image of the Micromax Canvas 4, they all seem to match perfectly.

No news yet as to when the MyPhone Vortex will officially launch, but it should be within the month since MyPhone has started to officially tease the phone. When it does come out though, be sure to check out PricePandaPH to find out where to get the best prices.

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