Nokia Lumia 1520 Could Be the First Windows Phone Phablet

Phablets are becoming the norm rather than the exception with many recent flagship class smartphones sporting 5 inch screens or larger, but there is yet to be a phablet to launch on the Windows Phone platform. Well, if a certain Finnish phone company has anything to say about it, that might change pretty soon with the Nokia Lumia 1520. It’s been rumored that Nokia has been in the works with a phablet device codenamed “Bandit” for a while now and in a recent tweet, @evleaks revealed that the Nokia Bandit and the Nokia Lumia 1520 are one and the same device.



No other details were leaked aside from the name, but the “Bandit” has been making the internet rounds for a while now and it’s been rumored that it will sport a 6 inch Full HD screen at launch, along with a quad core Snapdragon processor. And while its camera isn’t expected to be as powerful as the one on the Lumia 1020, it should still come with a 20mp camera and will feature a slight hump on the back to accommodate the higher quality optics.

Source: @evleaks

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