Onda V989 Scores 48,000 in Antutu Thanks to Allwinner Processor!

Onda Allwinner

Mainstream flagship phones are typically recognized as top performers in benchmark applications like Antutu. However Chinese-made tablets are about to get a boost to help them beat out devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and HTC One M8 thanks to a new octa-core chip from Allwinner, the A80T. One such tablet, the Onda V989, already comes equipped with the monster chip and blows away the competition with a 48,000 Antutu score!

Onda V989 Antutu

The new Allwinner A80T uses a similar big.LITTLE architecture as Samsung‘s octa-core Exynos range, combining four low power A7 cores and four A15 high performance cores in a single CPU. It’s also coupled with a 64bit PowerVR G6230 GPU to provide near-console quality graphics in games and whatnot.

Yes, I already know benchmarks aren’t the best way to measure real life performance or the user experience as a whole. Still, it can give you a pretty good idea, and if the Onda V989 and chips that bear the Allwinner A80T can score 10,000 more points in Antutu than even the best mainstream devices from international brands, then it will mean that in the future you can get a lot of performance squeezed in even on a budget.


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