Oppo N1 Cameraphone Confirmed for September Launch

The Oppo Find 5 was one of the biggest surprises earlier this year, and it looks like the Chinese manufacturer is looking to capitalize on its elevated status by following up with an even better phone in the later half of 2013. Since just about every OEM is focusing on enhanced imaging, there’s no reason not to follow suit, which is why the newly confirmed Oppo N1 is expected to do exactly that. While there are a lot of rumors surrounding this phone, the ones with the most weight are pointing to a 13mp Owl image sensor, an innovative body design, remote shutter and flash support, and faster than average shutter speed.

Its predecessor, the Oppo Find 5 featured one of the first Full HD displays to hit the world market, not to mention a Sony image sensor, so the Oppo N1 image sensor might be sourced from the Japanese company as well. Being dubbed as having an “Owl” sensor is meant to describe its low-light performance. The reportedly faster shutter should also be ideal for taking action shots and faster image capture in most situations.

Oppo N1 Lens

It should be mentioned that when the Oppo N1 was initially leaked, it was thought that the device would be more of a dedicated Android-enabled camera like the Samsung Galaxy Camera. However, rumors have since taken a different direction, and now they’re all pointing to a souped-up camera phone, much like the Nokia 1020 or Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.

Since Oppo has a limited presence here in the Philippines, I don’t expect it to compete very well for market share. However if you’re looking to save on a flagship-class phone without any compromise to the performance or specs, Oppo is certainly a brand the Philippine market should start paying attention to.

Source: Android Authority

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