If you’re a PLDT, Smart, or Cignal customer or are planning to be one, the three brands have just made it much easier. Combined into a single one-stop digital hub, the PLDT-Smart Store in BGC is conveniently located so customers can access and enjoy the digital solutions these brands offer for home and mobile. The store features a customer-centric design that’s both warm and inviting while highlighting content and ease of access of the immersive experiences available on the premises.

Customers will be greeted by Experience Officers¬†who can answer any concern and provide tailor-fit advice depending on your needs. You’ll also find digital installations, such as the Infotouch Booth where you can view and print billing summaries, Smart Super Kiosk where you can settle your bills or request a change of SIM card, and Broadband Visualizer where you can check data usage of different types of online activities. There’s even an Augmented Reality Wall where you can snap a life-size selfie complete with filters to choose from!

Managing multiple subscriptions and paying your bills can be a hassle, so it only makes sense to get your services all from one place if you can. The PLDT-Smart converged store brings us one step closer to this. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more such stores nationwide in the future.

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