PLDT Whole Home WiFi Plan 3499 Includes Setup by the Geek Squad!

Getting fast internet access for the home is just half the battle. The other half is making sure it gets distributed throughout every nook and cranny of your house. This is often the challenge when you stick with the basic WiFi router your ISP gives you with every plan. And the issue becomes increasingly problematic the larger your home is and the more rooms it has.

Unfortunately, not all of us are technologically savvy. Thankfully, the new PLDT Whole Home WiFi 3499 is an altogether different Fibr plan entirely. Rather than have to think about setting up a home WiFi network, the PLDT Geek Squad will do the thinking and setup for you! So who are the Geek Squad and what are you getting for Php3499 a month?

The PLDT Geek Squad

The Geek Squad isn’t your ordinary team of installers who make quick recommendations, but basically just come in and set your WiFi access point up where you want it. Instead, what you get is a group of “technical architects” whose mission is to set up your Whole Home WiFi experience, providing end to end servicing. This can mean anything from a professional assessment of problem areas and potential dead spots, strategic and customized recommendations for placing your router, as well as dedicated assistance and after sales support.

50Mbps Fibr

When PLDT first debuted their Fibr plans, 50Mbps seemed absurd. Now though, it hits the sweet spot in today’s connected household, with just about every member of the family enjoying some form of bandwidth heavy content service. Whether you’re streaming high quality videos on Netflix or YouTube, or downloading gigantic games via Steam, anyone and everyone in the family will have enough bandwidth to do what they want, whenever they want, without bogging down your available bandwidth.

Whole Home WiFi Network Coverage

Each home has its own characteristics that affect WiFi coverage. Of course, physical distance always plays a role, but the larger the home, the more challenging it can be to get true house-wide coverage. With the help of Assisted Setup that determines the ideal placement of wireless access points, not to mention Seamless Routing and Adaptive Routing Technology to ensure you’re getting the strongest signal and picking the fastest path.

Who is the PLDT Whole Home Plan For?

If you know your way around home networking equipment like WiFi routers and repeaters, not to mention heatmapping software to help you figure out the best place for them, then the PLDT Whole Home Plan isn’t for you. Of course, a majority of the population don’t have this level of technical savvy. Even as one of the most connected countries in the world, smartphones are one thing while home networks are another.

This new offering gives you a super fast consumer fiber plan coupled with a WiFi network that maximizes every nook and cranny of your home, regardless of how large, as well as the technical support and expertise of the highly touted Geek Squad. Yes, you’re paying a little extra. But given that it takes so much of the problem-solving responsibilities away from you, it’s certainly a deal worth looking into.

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