Qualcomm 205 Brings 4G LTE and 45-day Standby to Entry Level Smartphones

Qualcomm 205

Support for 4G/LTE on smartphones has gotten so good that even the more affordable entry-level smartphones can let you browse or download at 4G speeds. However, it looks like low-end feature phones will soon allow you to connect to 4G as well thanks to the new Qualcomm 205 SoCs. Not a bad move considering feature phones still command a fair share in markets like India, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Feature Phone vs Smartphone Adoption

Aside from 4G/LTE, the Qualcomm 205 comes with a 1.1GHz dual core CPU and Adreno graphics that should be good enough to support devices with up to 480p displays. There’s also support for up to 3mp cameras.

The specs are hardly anything to write home about, but the kinds of phones the Qualcomm 205 platform is designed should ideally last 45 days on standby, 20 hours talk time, and 86 hours of music playback.

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