Samsung Gear Manager Screenshots Leaked Online

Samsung Gear Manager

In case you guys weren’t aware, Samsung is expected to announce the existence of their new smart watch, the Samsung Gear, alongside the much-awaited Galaxy Note 3 on September 4 at IFA 2013. If you were wondering how the Gear smart watch would connect to your mobile devices, a couple of just-leaked screenshots of the Samsung Gear Manager app courtesy of @evleaks should answer that for you. If the screenshots are to be trusted, the Samsung Gear will use NFC to initiate a connection between itself and your mobile device via Bluetooth.

There appears to be a Connect Manually option, which should allow you to connect the Samsung Gear to your mobile devices via Bluetooth the old-fashioned way. Obviously, this is in case you have a phone that doesn’t have NFC. One last feature of interest of the Samsung Gear Manager is the Find My Watch option. It would be interesting if this worked much in the same way as Apple’s Find my iPhone via GPS, but more likely than not, it will just make your Samsung Gear play a noise to make it easier to find it.

Source: @evleaks

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