Data bundles aren’t anything new, but the newest promos from Smart should have you all in smiles, especially if you’re a heavy user of YouTube, Dubsmash, and other popular online video services. For as little as Php5, you can get access to these video streaming sites without having to be tethered to a WiFi hotspot!

Smart Video Data Bundles

With just Php5, you can register with Smart’s most affordable video data bundle, YouTube5. That would give you 65MB of data for 15 minutes of standard definition video streaming, which would be good for 1 day.  Moving up, you can register to YouTube25, which gives you 160MB of data for 35 minutes of standard definition video. That bundle is good for 1 day as well and, in case you haven’t guessed it, is just Php25 to subscribe.

If you’re a heavy viewer, you’ll definitely appreciate these next 2 bundles. By subscribing to YouTube50, you’ll get a whopping 400MB of data, good for 90 minutes of standard definition video and will be valid for 3 days. Obviously, it will only cost Php50 to register. Finally, the best value for money video data bundle is YouTube199, which will give you 270 minutes of standard definition streaming valid for 30 days for just Php199!

Smart Video Data Bundles

In case you were wondering about the full list of video streaming services that you can use with Smart’s new data bundles, it includes YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Viewstream, Skype Quik, as well as Dubsmash. You can register just by texting YouTube5, YouTube25, YouTube50 or YouTube199 to 9999. You can also do it by dialing *121#, which is Smart’s easy access number for subscribing to any promo.

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