Smart vs the Competition

Smart vs the Competition

When your telco rolls out more than a thousand LTE sites, your download speeds are going to see a boost. That’s exactly what I experienced at Smart’s press briefing about the status of their 4G infrastructure.

While LTE has been around for a while now, deployment in the Philippines has been relatively slow, at least, compared to our Asian Pacific neighbors. That’s why it’s good news for Smart subscribers that the  telco will be deploying 1,400 new LTE sites comprised of both FD-LTE and TD-LTE installations.

A majority of the 400 mobile LTE sites will be deployed in the Metro Manila area while 1,000 TD-LTE sites will be rolled out to support fixed usbscribers to Smart’s fixed wireless services.

Not too recently at the 10th Asian Carriers Conference, Smart activated its LTE-A network in Mactan Island, Cebu. During this event, people were able to record consistent speeds of 100Mbps with the new technology. Prior to that, an LTE-A site also went live in Mandaluyong back in August.


Anyway, I was lucky enough to win a Smart LTE Pocket WiFi at the event. Having been a Globe Prepaid subscriber for the longest time, I’m about fed up with my own pocket WiFi’s inability to achieve 10Mbps+ speeds on my Globe Prepaid LTE SIM. So I’m taking this opportunity to cross over into the dark side and do something I promised myself I would never do: maintain more than one SIM.

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