Sony’s New Walkman W Series Packaged in… a Bottle of Water?

Sony Walkman W Series

As far as marketing gimmicks go, Sony’s ingenious packaging for their new Walkman W series is ingenious. The players themselves are pretty bare-bones. They only play mp3s for crying out loud. However, they are waterproof, and to really market these mp3 players to swimmers and other athletes they’re targeting this with, Sony packaged them in bottles of water of all things. Yes, with actual water in it and the entire device submerged!

The “bottled” Sony Walkman W series is currently being sold in places like gyms across New Zealand. The kicker is that these bottled mp3 players are actually being sold in vending machines, exactly the way you would buy a Gatorade! Now, I wonder if Sony Philippines will think of something similar to market the Walkman W series if it eventually gets here.


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