Xiaomi Mistla Super Mini Car Could Cost Just Php280k!

Xiaomi Mistla

For some weird reason, Xiaomi and Tesla have been in talks with each other in China, fueling rumors that the Chines phone maker might come out with its own car, the Xiaomi Mistla! A few weeks ago, I would have scoffed at a rumor that would suggest that phone maker would release a product that was radically different from its bread and butter. But then Xiaomi came out with an air purifier of all things, so I’m willing to suspend my disbelief in this case.

Of course, this particular rumor isn’t all hot air. According to GizChina, XiaoMi and Tesla bosses were spotted outside Xiaomi’s offices in Beijing. Now, Chinese reports have stated that the two are in the works to produce their very own super mini-class car, the Xiaomi Mistla. If you’re wondering just how large a super mini is, think somewhere along the lines of a Toyota Wigo.

Imagine a hybrid or possibly all-electric car with its own Android-powered entertainment system courtesy of Xiaomi. What’s even more exciting is the price. The rumor mill is pegging it at around $6,400, or roughly Php280,000. Considering the Toyota Wigo retails for something close to twice that is impressive already. Unfortunately, I highly doubt we’ll be seeing Xiaomi import their Smart TVs into the country, let alone their cars. Still, one can hope, can’t we?

5 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mistla Super Mini Car Could Cost Just Php280k!

  1. I think they’d have a hard time selling those here if it really were true. LTO doesn’t even have a category for electric cars yet so Teslas can’t be registered and legally driven here.

      1. Sabagay. Pero feeling ko naglalobby ang mga petroleum companies para maharang ang pagpasok ng consumer electric cars dito kasi malaki magiging loss nila pag nagkataon. Sa mahal ba naman ng gas ngayon.

        1. hahaha. .un lang dn. .hawak pa nmn ng mga company na un ung mga politiko. .ok kc ung mga electric operated cars kc eco friendly. .

  2. pg na release na ang electric jeepney d2 sa pinas siguro pwd na yan kc my pgbabasihan na ang LTO para sa pg register nyan. .ang tanong jan ei kung kelan pa. .hehehehe

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