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XiaoMi’s ability to deliver competitive specs at affordable prices has earned it a sizable following, yet it has yet to penetrate the Philippine market. Gionee and Oppo, two other premium Chinese brands, already have a headstart, and in the case of Gionee, it’s already had a year’s advantage. Well, that isn’t scaring XiaoMi off. In fact, XiaoMi Philippines is becoming a reality with an official Facebook page popping up as well as a dedicated section for the Philippines on the XiaoMi official website.

Unfortunately, both the Philippine section of the XiaoMi site and their Facebook page are pretty sparse at the moment. The official XiaoMi Philippines site only shows a “Mabuhay Pilipinas! Waiting for Mi? We’re coming soon!” welcome message and the Facebook page barely shows any more content. Still, it’s a step in the right direction and a lot of folks are already taking the opportunity to interact with the Facebook page.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to like and comment on their page. The page admin has been pretty responsive so far and who knows? You might coax some juicy details out of them 🙂

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