Your Yahoo Mail Account May Have Been Hacked!

Yahoo Mail Hacked

After taunting Google’s GMail after its hour-long outage last week, it appears Yahoo Mail may be on the receiving end of some divine karma, much to the chagrin of its users. Yahoo revealed that an unidentified number of Yahoo email accounts had been compromised in an attempt to sweep names and email addresses from these users’ most recently sent emails.

Yahoo says that affected users have been notified to reset their passwords and they’re doing everything they can to track down those responsible and re-secure impacted accounts. The company says accounts were most likely compromised through a third party database or service where users can use their Yahoo accounts to log in. If you’re one of the affected, you should see a prompt to change your password the next time you log in if you haven’t already.

Yahoo Mail continues to be a favorite email service among Filipinos and GMail doesn’t even come close to matching it in terms of local market share. Obviously, this hacking attempt should be a concern considering how many of us use Yahoo Mail so if you haven’t checked your Yahoo Mail account yet, then please do so now.

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