Tuesday, June 19, 2018

HyperX ALLOY FPS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Keeps Things Tight!

It seems like gaming keyboards are coming with even more bells and whistles than they used to, which can make them large, bulky, and occupy more space than your mouse hand might be comfortable with. That’s no understatement either, especially with FPS games where quick and uninhibited mouse gestures are key. Enter the HyperX ALLOY FPS Mechanical Gaming keyboard with its solid steel frame, minimalist compact design, and tactile feedback. Its LED backlighting comes only in love-it-or-hate-it HyperX red, but it does allow for 6 different LED modes to tweak your compact light show to your preference. Also, for a full-sized keyboard the HyperX ALLOY FPS isn’t just compact, it’s portable! The braided USB cable is removable and you get a traveling pouch to protect your keyboard when it’s stowed away and on the move.

Unfortunately, Kingston’s decision to go for Cherry MX Blue switches instead of red or brown is a questionable one, especially since they’re positioning the HyperX ALLOY as an FPS keyboard. Blue switches are definitely punchy, but the fast-paced keypresses of FPS gaming benefits more from a softer response. One has to think about finger fatigue after prolonged usage. Still, there’s a lot that the ALLOY gets right and at Php5,990 you’ll have a lot of motivation to get used to it.

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