If you’re into gadgets, there’s a big chance you got one or three over the holidays. Whether it’s a smartphone, Blutooth speaker, or other doo-hicky, you’re going to need a lot of separate chargers. Or why not just get one for your desk? The D-Power IP988 could just solve the inevitable mess of chargers with just one device!

The IP988 Multiport USB Charger comes with a total of 4 ports. One is a quick charging port with 3A output that supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 while the other three are rated at 1A. Also, unlike some cheap multiport desk chargers, you can use all ports at the same time for a total of 6A output!

A neat little extra is the durable-looking power cord and plug, which seemed to weigh more than the charger itself. There’s also an included cable strap to help avoid an unnecessary mess of cables.

My favorite touch though, and one that you won’t find on most desk chargers like this, is the built-in phone holder to prop up your phone while it’s charging. Pretty neat for just Php599! The IP988 Multiport Desk Charger can be found at the Mobile Monkey kiosk at Robinsons Manila, but we should see it soon on Shopee as well this January.

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