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PLDT Brings Google Wifi to the Philippines to Put an End to Dead Spots in Your Home!

Tired of dead spots or having to switch between wireless networks in your own home? PLDT has a convenient new way to put an end to the Wifi suffering thanks to Google Wifi. It’s a smart and beautiful solution that ensures fast and strong Wifi connectivity no matter where you are at home.

How? Google Wifi is basically a home mesh networking system that you can place throughout the house, eliminating dead spots that would have been typical of single-router setups. And PLDT’s new Google Wifi Plan 3799 gives you three Google Wifi points, not to mention a blazing fast 50Mbps Fibr connection.

Of course, existing PLDT Fibr subscribers can still take advantage and add them on separately at PHP 299 per piece or PHP 799 for a 3-piece set. And they’re extremely easy to set up and manage via the Google Wifi app.

To learn more about their Google Wifi Whole Home Wifi Plans, just click here.

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