Tired of dead spots or having to switch between wireless networks in your own home? PLDT has a convenient new way to put an end to the Wifi suffering thanks to Google Wifi. It’s a smart and beautiful solution that ensures fast and strong Wifi connectivity no matter where you are at home.

How? Google Wifi is basically a home mesh networking system that you can place throughout the house, eliminating dead spots that would have been typical of single-router setups. And PLDT’s new Google Wifi Plan 3799 gives you three Google Wifi points, not to mention a blazing fast 50Mbps Fibr connection.

Of course, existing PLDT Fibr subscribers can still take advantage and add them on separately at PHP 299 per piece or PHP 799 for a 3-piece set. And they’re extremely easy to set up and manage via the Google Wifi app.

To learn more about their Google Wifi Whole Home Wifi Plans, just click here.

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