Cherry Mobile Flare X3 Gets an Unofficial Tease Via Leaked Sample Photos!

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Cherry Mobile challenge the midrange market, with the most notable phone of late being the Flare S7 Plus. The last time they launched a Flare X series phone goes even further back to 2016. Yet here we are with the possibility of one of the last dominant local brands killing two birds with one stone with the latest leaked sample photos allegedly taken by the yet-to-be announced Cherry Mobile Flare X3!

The image appears to have been shot close to sunset, and while there isn’t a lot of natural sunlight left, it does have a lot of artificial lighting. Older phones with basic image processing wouldn’t be able to get decent exposure from a setting like this, although we’ve certainly seen post-processing wonders from many manufacturers as of late. It’s at the very least on par with the low-light capabilities of the Flare S7 Plus, which was a decent low-light camera performer in itself.

Aside from the image quality, you can also assume that the Flare X3 will come with a 5-camera setup thanks to that watermark. It will most likely be in a 3 rear camera and 2 front camera configuration. Not only that, but it appears to have AI-assisted image processing, which should help amateur mobile photographers get the most from their shots.

Looking forward to the Cherry Mobile Flare X3? There isn’t any definitive news yet, although I hear the local brand has something up their sleeves in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Via: Gizguide


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