Cherry Mobile Titan 2.0 Revealed via Leak with 5″ HD OGS Display and Xperia-like Design

In case you missed it, there has been a picture of a Cherry Mobile promotional flyer that prematurely revealed one of their upcoming models by the name of the Omega HD 2X. However, it appears that it’s not the only upcoming model as another image has been leaked by Jade on the Cherry Mobile Titan W500 group of that same flyer has revealed another couple of handsets that are yet to be announced by the local phone brand on their Facebook page. The more premium one is called the Cherry Mobile Titan 2.0, which is an obvious follow up to last year’s tremendously popular Titan. However, unlike the original Titan, the Cherry Mobile Titan 2.0 sports a much more sophisticated design along with its updated specs.

It features a 5″ HD OGS display, which while smaller than the Omega HD 2X, should also be more pocketable. The phone is powered by a 1.2GHz quad core processor coupled with 1GB RAM and 4GB of internal storage. It also has an 12mp autofocus rear-facing camera and 5mp front camera, both of which use BSI sensors. Save for the upgraded cameras, the specs aren’t all that different from another phone, the Omega HD 2.0, but the Titan 2.0 appears to be the better-designed of the two, at least from an aesthetic standpoint.

Leaked Titan 2.0 Flyer

The poster lists the Cherry Mobile Titan 2.0 at an SRP of 8,999, which makes it a great upgrade to the Omega HD 2.0 which is supposed to occupy the same price point. Will Cherry Mobile drop the price of the Omega HD 2.0 while making way for the Titan 2.0 or will they just phase it out altogether? There’s no way of telling yet but Cherry Mobile sure is coming out with guns a-blazing with this newest batch of phones.

Source: Jade

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