Cherry Mobile Camera Lab: A First for a Local Smartphone Brand!

What’s a sure thing to give you an advantage over the competition? Being first where it matters. And while Cherry Mobile isn’t the first smartphone brand to have its own camera lab, it is the first for a local brand.

The effort was a result of Cherry Mobile’s partnership with Samsung, which supplies the local brand with camera modules for many of their smartphones.

The Cherry Mobile camera lab consists of recognizable studio equipment, such as a product photography table, lightbox, and studio lights.

More importantly though, it has a color assessment cabinet that helps the Cherry Mobile staff to analyze camera performance from their phones before they’re rolled out to the public.

Tt’s pretty comprehensive, checking for color reproduction, sharpness, noise, and low light performance.

And analysis only takes a few seconds thanks to special software.

So what do you guys think? With competitors putting a lot of emphasis on the camera performance of their phones, does the investment into this kind of equipment make sense? Let me know in the comments!

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