Cherry Mobile Partners with Cebu Pacific to Promote the Flare S7 Series

The next time you fly Cebu Pacific, you might be surprised to find Cherry Mobile adverts adorning the aircraft’s overhead panels above your head. More specifically, the ads will be promoting Cherry Mobile’s Flare S7 series, one of the strongest iteration of that affordable lineup to-date. And since they’ll be on two of Cebu Pacific’s flights to Hong Kong and Davao from Manila and vice versa, they’ve positioned themselves to expand their visibility, not just locally, but abroad.

While the series starts at just Php4,599 for the Flare S7, it’s a return to form for the both the Flare series and the Cherry Mobile brand as a whole. With Chinese brands going all out on promoting their wares, it’s nice to see the top local brand showing not just our local but international travelers as well that they can compete with the trendiest features at the most affordable prices.

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