Globe Rewards Unveils New Partners and Offers

Globe Rewards has been around for a while now, allowing you to redeem points for call and text services, leisure items and even gadgets. However, if you wanted to redeem anything other than a call and text promo, you would have needed at least 200 points, and those points can take a long while to accumulate. That’s why Globe Telecom’s latest revamp to their rewards program is such a huge step in the right direction, allowing you to pay for purchases using as little as 50 points at any of Globe Rewards’ partner establishments.

Globe Telecom Endorser Bianca Gonzales
Bianca Gonzales looking nice and tanned as she discusses Globe Rewards footprint in social media

So how can you redeem these new Globe Rewards offers? Every Globe Rewards point is equivalent to one peso, so 1 point = Php1, 50 points = Php50, 300 points = Php300 and so on. If you want to use your points to pay for all or just part of your bill, just whip out your phone and key in BUY <space> MOBILE # OF MERCHANT <space> AMOUNT and send to 4438. Well that’s great and all that, but where can we take advantage of this?

Partner Establishments and Minimum Point Requirements

  • Figaro Coffee Company = 50 points
  • Ayala Malls Cinemas = 100
  • Enchanted Kingdom = 100
  • Petron = 50
  • Rose Pharmacy = 50
  • Sunglass Hut = 300
  • Wendy’s Hamburgers = 50

The list of Globe Rewards partner establishments isn’t anything to scoff at. It consists of establishments many of us visit quite frequently, some of them on a daily basis even. Even if you don’t go to Figaro’s that often, I doubt anyone with a car can’t go to Petron to redeem gas for points. And you won’t even need a boatload of points the way you did with some of Globe Rewards past offers.

Globe Rewards Partner Merchant Booths
Members of the press as they use their points at partner merchant booths

At the press briefing, it was made clear that the ultimate goal of the Globe Rewards program was to be able to pay for just about any purchase using your points. Imagine paying for a bag of chips and a bottle of softdrinks at a sari-sari store with your points. Now that’s convenience. These new offers are certainly a step in the right direction. For more details, please visit

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