Your Home Theater System Can Now be Wireless Thanks to HEOS, Now in the Philippines!

Portable Bluetooth speakers meant for on-the-go enjoyment aren’t anything new, but but I’ve always wondered why we aren’t seeing more wireless home music or entertainment systems. While it still isn’t clear to me why, I’m at least thankful that new solutions from the likes of HEOS by DENON are now in the Philippines. The new wireless entertainment brand made its debut in the country last Thursday, entering with a range of wireless speakers from the HEOS 1 through HEOS 7 standalone music systems, all the way to the HEOS Home Cinema and HEOS Drive.


The HEOS 1 is the smallest of the brand’s wireless music speakers, providing custom dual drivers comprised of both a mid-range woofer and precision dome tweeter. Its small size makes its placement ideal on a desk or as a satellite speaker as part of a larger wireless home theater setup. You can also mount it to your wall so it’s out of the way. Additionally, its enclosure is sealed for humidity, so you could realistically use it in damp environments, such as poolside or even in the bathroom.

HEOS Go Pack

While every speaker in the HEOS family still needs to be plugged into a power source, the HEOS 1 can be paired with the HEOS Go Pack to give it true wireless portability. The Go Pack can easily be twisted on or off the HEOS 1 base, giving it up to 6 hours of playback on a single charge. The silicone splash-guard helps protect it from splashing water, so you still don’t have to worry about using it with the HEOS 1 in damp ¬†environments.


The HEOS 3 is basically a step up from the HEOS 1, packed with dual drivers and 2 class D amp channels. It’s ideal for small to medium rooms and similar to its little brother, it too can be wall-mounted.


The HEOS 5 is ideal for medium to large rooms, packing 5 drivers into a single system. You get 2 custom tweeters and 2 mid-woofers powered by 4 class D amps. Its passive radiator also allows it to produce deeper tones despite its relatively small and discreet profile.


Rounding out the wireless music speaker systems is the HEOS 7 with its 7 driver design. It packs 2 custom tweeters and mid-woofers, 2 passive radiators, and a large subwoofer in a single stylish package. It’s also powered by 5 class D amps, making it ideal for listening in large rooms.


HEOS Link and HEOS Amp

Of course, you might already have a home listening setup that you’d simply want to add wireless capabilities to. HEOS offers the Link, which lets you transform your current HiFi AVR into a HEOS zone. The HEOS Link¬†features analog, optical, and digital coax audio outputs, and a 12V trigger, along with Analog, USB, and optical inputs so you have a variety of sources. You can control legacy devices over IP or via IR output with the help of the HEOS app installed on your smartphone or tablet.


If you already have a favorite pair of speakers you just want to add wireless capability to, the HEOS Amp lets you transform them into a HEOS zone. You get 2 channels with 100 watts into 6 ohms with DENON’s latest Digital Amplification. It too has analog, USB, and optical inputs, along with a subwoofer pre-out for more bass.


Whether you want to add passive 3rd party speakers or the HEOS 1, 3, 5 or 7 wireless speakers to your wireless home cinema, the HEOS AVR is for you. It’s a 5.1 receiver, featuring 100 watts per channel at 4 ohm, with support for 4 HDMI inputs. It can even work with the HEOS App to share sound from your wireless home cinema throughout your HEOS Eco System.

HEOS Home Cinema

For folks looking to jump into the wireless home audio experience, the HEOS Home Cinema is probably the best choice. The Home Cinema Soundbar packs bi-amplified mid-woofers and tweeters with advanced DSP processing. It works in perfect concert with the included wireless subwoofer and its dual 5.25″ drivers.


While the HEOS Home Cinema includes its own soundbar, you might want to step it up with the HEOS Bar instead. It packs a discrete 3 channel system with support for 4 HDMI inputs. You can also add other HEOS wireless speakers such as the HEOS 1, 3, 5 and 7, as well as the optional HEOS Wireless Subwoofer for a custom wireless home cinema.


Admit it. Deep, powerful bass without the wires is awesome. The HEOS Sub allows you to add just that to your HEOS system, working with the HEOS Bar or AVR, as well as the HEOS Link, HEOS Amp, HEOS Drive, and single or stereo HEOS speakers.

HEOS Drive

The HEOS Drive was designed with custom integrators in mind. If you want to tap the advantage of the HEOS system, the HEOS Drive lets you do so with 4 zones in a single cabinet, giving you 8 channels x 60w @ 8 ohms and bridge mode compatibility if you want higher output. It’s a versatile solution with pre-outs in each zone, 2 optical and digital inputs, 4 analog and optical inputs, USB inputs, 4 12V triggers, and 2 Ethernet inputs. Enabled are both the speaker level and pre-outs for each zone. Not only that, but you get active cooling and easy installation via 2 standard rack ears.

HEOS allows you to not only enjoy wireless audio in individual rooms, but set up a wireless multi-room speaker system that can each play from their own individual sources, or sync with each other so you can play sound to all of them in perfect harmony. Admittedly, it’s an investment. However, the technology is backed by DENON and designed specifically for wireless audio enjoyment.

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